Personal projects from technological areas like frameworks and applications to social events like conferences and meetups.


ARbusters is an augmented reality game in a pixel/billboard style. The gameplay is pretty simple, look around you and kill every enemy under the lowest time possible!

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Screen Saver based on the animations presented during Apple Special Event (October 30, 2018) from the Brooklyn Academy of Music, Howard Gilman Opera House.

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Make every loading screen different with Fluky, your random loading screen inspired by PlayStation.

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Contributed to the lightweight extension to subscribe Starscream websocket events with RxSwift. I was responsible for the RxSwift 4 and Swift 4 update.

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Splashy’s a 2D game inspired by FlappyBird. The more rubies you pick in a row, the more momentum you gain and with momentum you’ll be able to achieve higher scores.

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My everyday sugar. Feel free to use it as a framework or simply add a specific file to your project.

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