Make every loading screen different with Fluky, your random loading screen inspired by PlayStation.

Fluky (/ˈfluːki/), adjective

“obtained or achieved more by chance than skill”

CocoaPods Carthage compatible apm

Installation 📦


Fluky is available through CocoaPods. To do so, add the following line to your PodFile:

pod 'Fluky'

And then run the following command in terminal:

pod install


Add this to your Cartfile:

github "pedrommcarrasco/Fluky"

And then run the following command in terminal:

carthage update

Styles 💅

Single Linear Box
  • ☝️ This background is not part of Fluky

Usage Example ⌨️

After installing Fluky, you should start by importing the framework:

import Fluky

Once imported, you can start using Fluky to create randomized icon based loading sceens. Bellow, you’ll be able to see a working example. First, we start by creating a FlukyView:

let flukyView = Fluky.view(as: .single, with: images) // images -> array of icons you want to display
// size has a default parameter of 30.0

Once you apply your constraints, to start animating you just need to do:


In order to stop you just do:


With the goal of being as customizable as possible, Fluky only creates a FlukyView responsible for managing the icons and its animations. With this in mind, it should be added to your view hierarchy where you can customize backgroundColor, add a UILabel & others.

Sample Project 📲

There’s a sample project in this repository called Example with some examples.